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Need to reach me for some reason? Then this place is your best bet. Anon commenting's allowed, IPs aren't logged, and all comments are screened, so go wild. (I'll unscreen comments to reply to them, but let me know if you want something to remain unscreened - I'll be happy to do so.)
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Age: 22-23
Medical Info: Tom's a young, physically active adult who also indulges in constant drinking and smoking about once a day. He also happens to be a werepanther who can transform at will.
Abilities: As a metahuman (the DC Universe's word for people with superpowers) who can transform into a werepanther, Tom has the following abilities:
  • Enhanced Strength, Agility, Speed, and Resistance: While he's nowhere near Superman's level, he's been shown to handle the impact of cars head-on... and he can take at least a few hits without passing out.
  • Enhanced Senses: He can see in the dark! Not to mention, he has the abilities of a cat (ie, better sense of taste/smell/hearing) in this form too. His vision also extends to infrared; he can see not only in the dark, but he can sense heat easily too.
  • He packs a mean punch. (His dad was the original Wildcat, a ridiculously powerful non-superpowered human.)
  • He has the typical flexibility of a cat; people've joked that Tom has nine lives just like his dad, but that one's just a manifestation of Tom's dexterity.
  • He can also understand cats and other felines. In exchange, dogs don't seem to like him as often as they used to.

Notes for the Psychics: His mind's easy to read, but it's all over the place. If you're just reading his mind for something small like his favorite beer, go for it. He won't even notice.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: For minor stuff, sure! PM me to discuss major details like bodyswapping.
Maim/Injure: Injuries are fine! PM me first before you inflict severe damage on him, however.
Murder/Death: I'd rather that Tom doesn't die, so PM me first.
Kissing/Hugging: He'll be awkward with hugs, but he doesn't mind them. Unless he likes your character - and really likes your character - kisses'll be awkward too, and he won't reciprocate them.
Relationships: In SCA, Tom has a girlfriend; otherwise, he's single. While I'm open to the idea of a ship, crushes & unrequited things are always alright.
Cooking: He's decent. Not bad, but not great either.

Threadjacking: Go for it! Unless it's private between two characters/filtered, I've no qualms.
Fourthwalling: Sure! Just don't break his brain too hard.


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